Product: XT60 Smoke Stopper Circle Breaker

Battery: 1-6s Capable(33v max)

0.5A Hold current,1A Trip Current

1.1A Hold current,2.2A Trip Current

0.5S Trip time


How to use it:


- Green Light means it is ok  

- Green Light dim or blinking,it means Fuse tripped. 

- Red Light means connection error

- Red Light dim or blinking, it means Fuse tripped 

- Optional 0.5A Hold Current, 1A Trip Current

- Optional 1.1A Hold Current, 2.2A Trip Current

Unplug for 10 seconds can reset the Solid State Smoke Stopper.


Package Included:


1X  XT60 Smoke Stopper

Amass XT60 Smoke Stopper