Vista & Air Unit Firmware upgraded!馃憞

1. Added ability to view HDMI live broadcast by connecting the goggles to the DJI Smart Controller (v01.00.07.00 or above). By connecting the goggles to the DJI Smart Controller using USB-C cable, users can see the camera view of the air unit on the screen of the Smart Controller, and then can transmit the live view from the Smart Controller to other display devices through an HDMI cable.
2. Added new custom on-screen display information: home point direction, home point distance, altitude, and GPS speed.
3. Added on-screen flashing prompt on the goggles when the signal of the air unit or the remote controller is weak.
3. Added menu setting to choose to enable recording after unlocking the flight controller. 路 Added menu setting to choose to enable the low battery warning alarm of the goggles.
4. Added support for Caddx Nebula camera model. 路 Optimized display and operation in the AV IN interface.
5. Added menu setting to adjust screen size and position and added on-screen display for the battery level of the goggles.
6. Fixed issue: screen blurred or froze when unlocking Air Unit (Lite).
7. Fixed issue: operation was delayed when using the remote controller on a simulator.
8. Fixed rare issue: the PID tuning did not take effect after changing the setting.

Caddx has worked with DJI to release a new generation of digital HD FPV transmitters. The Vista was fully authori