Camera Butter ND Filters gives you that buttery smooth HD footage by allowing the optimal amount of light into your Session camera. This glass ND filter is specifically made for the GoPro Hero Session 4/5. ND filters help avoid overexposed photos or videos. It also helps with jello to help give you great cinematic footage.It uses a unique peel-and-stick backing that you can remove and re-apply over and over. If the adhesive gets dirty, simply rinse it and you're golden!ND4 filter allows 1/4 of incoming light through, equal to a 2-stop filterND8 filter allows 1/8 of incoming light through, equal to a 3-stop filterND16 filter allows 1/16 of incoming light through, equal to a 4-stop filterND32 filter allows 1/32 of incoming light through, equal to a 5-stop filterNote: Do NOT use harsh chemicals or solvents to clean the filters, it may remove the polarizing coating or cause peeling.FeaturesHigh quality, 1mm thick hardened glass that is nano-coated for:anti-scratchrepels waterrepels fingerprintsanti-glareIncludes1x ND Filter2x Lens wipes

Camera Butter ND Filter for Gopro Session 4/5



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