Prop design priority list:
#1 Response
#2 Speed
#3 Efficiency
#4 Durability


This prop was designed to give you the fastest response possible without losing too much speed and efficiency. Even though durability is #4 on the list, it's not a low durability prop but it's not going to be as durable as something like the 51433 or any other blade that weighs more than 3.5g. Don't mind the pitch spec as it's not very helpful in describing a props performance; this isn't a slow prop (significantly faster than the HQ S3).



  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 3.5g
  • Pitch: 3in
  • Prop Dia: 129mm
  • Center Thickness: 6mm
  • Center Hole Dia: 5mm
  • Quad weight 550-650g
  • Recommended Motor 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV



  • 2CW + 2CCW Props

Gemfan Freestyle 3 (F3) 5.1x3x3 - MangoYellow