A set of 4 Gemfan Freestyle4 5.1x3.6x3 Durable F4 Propellers. Gemfan designed these propellers to be light for maximum responsiveness. The F4 compared to the F3 has a little more pitch for some extra bite.



    • Material: PC
    • Weight: 3.6g
    • Pitch: 3.6in
    • Prop Dia: 129mm
    • Center Thickness :6mm
    • Center Hole Dia: 5mm 
    • Quad weight  550-750g   
    • Recommended Motor 4S 2300-2500kv 6S 1650-1950KV



      • 1 set of propellers

      Gemfan Freestyle (F4) 5.1x3.6x3 - Red