Gemfan Hulkie 1940 - Set of 8 (4CW, 4CCW)



Brand Name: Gemfan

Item Name: Hulkie 1940 3-blade propeller

Size: 1.9X4.0inch

Weight: 0.78g/pcs

Material: PC

Color: Lemon Yellow

Monting Hole: 1.5mm

Paddle Size: 9.5mm

Hub Thickness: 5mm Suitable for 1104-1105 motor


Package Includes:

4 x Hulkie 1940 3-Blade Propeller CW

4 x Hulkie 1940 3-Blade Propeller CCW

Gemfan Hulkie 1940 Lemon Yellow - Set of 8 (4CW, 4CCW)



    near UST / Tinapayan Festival Bakeshoppe

    Maria Cristina Corner Dapitan

    Sampaloc Manila


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