This velox 45A is a pink 4in1 ESC built by Tmotor.  Part of the velox range, the goal is to make for some budget products while still adhering to the high reliability standard t-motor are known for.   Not only does this ESC look the part (if bright colour is your thing) it is also affordable while running the latest blheli32 firmware.



  • Continuous current : 4 x 45A
  • Burst current : 4 x 55A (10S)
  • Size : 44,6x41x7mm
  • Weight : 20g
  • BEC Output : 10V @ 2.0A



  • 1 x T-Motor Velox V45A 4in1 ESC
  • 4 x Dampers rubbers
  • 1 x Input wires 14AWG - 130mm with XT60 soldered
  • 1 x signal wire AWG Type 
  • 1 x capacitor


T-Motor website: Click here for more info!

T-Motor Velox 45A 32Bit 3-6S 30x30 4in1 ESC