The M6D Dual Smart Charger features asynchronous automatic power distribution and synchronous output for greater power. It includes an optimized heat dispersing system to dissipate high power heat in no time! You will find an easy-to-navigate system, integrated USB interface, and lots of cool features that make the M6D an excellent charger.



  • Dual-channel
  • Small size
  • High power density
  • Optimize heat dissipation


  • Input: 7-28V@MAX30A
  • Battery Type: 
    • LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-6S
    • NiMh @1-16S Pb @1-10S
  • Bal Cur. : 800mA @2-6S
  • Accuracy: <0.005V
  • Charging Power:
    • 0.1-15A@250W *2(Asynchronous mode)
    • 0.1-25A@500W(Synchronous mode)
  • Discharging Power:
    • 0.1-15A@250W*2 Recycle Mode
    • 0.1-3A@12W*2 Normal Mode
  • USB: 2.1A@5V upgrade@USB3.0
  • Battery Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V @1-6S
  • Battery Internal Resistance: 1-100mR @1-6S
  • Display: LCD IPS 2.4 inch 320*240 resolution
  • Size: 98mm*68mm*35mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Size: 108.5mm*80.5mm*46mm
  • Weight: 300g



  • 1 x ToolKitRC M6D 500W 15A 1-6S DC Charger


Power Supply not included

ToolKitRC M6D 500w 15a 1-6S DC Dual Smart Charger