HOTA D6 Pro Smart Charger AC200W DC650W 15A for Lipo LiIon NiMH Battery with Phone Wireless Charging.

Price: 6300


Dual Channel Output, Charging Faster

- Highly optimized charging algorithm with efficiency up to 94%, supporting for max. 650W charging and external discharging, single but not simple.

Wireless Charging, Put and Charge

- The unique wireless charging with patented design, it can be used perfectly for iPhoneX, iPhone8, Samsung S8 and many other mobile devices.

Intelligent Upgrade, Fast Experience

- Built-in Micro USB connector for a much more easier and faster firmware upgrade.

Compatible with Various Batteries

- The innovative intelligent program fully supports LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx (1~6S)NiZn/Nicd/NiMH(1~16S)Smart Battery (1~6S)Lead Acid(Pb)(2~24V)Enelop(1~16S)

Safe and Reliable, Easy and Effective

- The most advanced circuit design and charging algorithm ensures a much more reliable charging and discharging no matter at overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit and other anomalies.

All-in-one protection, inc. overheating protection, time-exceeding protection, capacity protection, input reverse protection, output protection, short circuit protection, output current protection, over output voltage protection, overcharge protection.

Modes: Balance Charge, Fast Charge, Discharge, Storage Mode, Manual Charge; Terminal Voltage Control, Temperature Overheat Cut-Off


Auto detecting lipo cells.

Dual independent charging ports

Optimized operating software

Internal independent lithium battery balancer

Balancing individual cells during battery discharging

Adaptable to various types of lithium batteries

Fast charge and storage modes of lithium batteries

Data store/load

Terminal voltage control(TVC)

LiPo battery meter

Maximum safety Automatic charging current limit

Adjustable capacity and charging time limits

Temperature Threshold(temperature probe is not included)

Processing time limit

Internal Resistance Measurement

Activation and Restoration for Excessive Discharged Battery

Extenal Discharge Function.

Specifications(D6 Duo PRO)

Input Voltage: AC100~240V / DC 6.5~30V

Charge Current: 0.1~15A × 2

Charge Power: C 325W × 2(650W)

AC 200W(Support power distribution)

Discharge Power Internal discharge: 15Wx2 (balance port 10W)

External discharge: 325W × 2(650W)

Battery Type LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx : 1~6S

NiZn/Nicd/NiMH : 1~16S

Smart Battery: 1~6S

Lead Acid(Pb): 2~24V

Enelop : 1~16S

Balance Current: 1600mA × 2

Discharge Current: 0.1~3A × 2

External Discharge Current: 1~15A × 2

USB Output: 5V / 2.1A

Dimensions: 108 ×105 × 76mm

Net Weight: 555g

Package included:

1* HOTA D6 Duo Pro AC/DC Charger

1* Power Cord

1* Manual

White - HOTA D6 Pro Smart Charger AC200w DC650w 15a