Continuous Current: 35A
Burst Current(10s): 45A
Battery NiXX/Lipo: 5-12NC/2-4Lipo
Size: 14*27*5.5
Weight: 7g
MCU type: EFM8BB
Programmable : Yes,autodetect Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot
Software: BLHELI_S



1.BLHeli-S, better startup than BLHeli;
2.Supports high KV motor and BLHeli REV 16.0;
3.Support flight control like Naze,CC3D,Kiss,F3 and F4.
4.Autodetect Oneshot 125, Oneshot 42 and Multishot;
5.MCU-EFM8BB21F16 and hardware PWM make smooth throttle response. 
6.This is new generation ESC for entry level and middle level FPV racing.


Package Includes:

1 x ZTW 35A ESC

ZTW Polaris 35A ESC